Matador About Us

When you decide to make Matador Refrigeration your commercial refrigeration partner, you are taking your first step towards responsible refrigeration.

Over the last two decades we have researched and sourced the worlds best methods and equipment to ensure we provide our clients with the very best in environmentally friendly, energy saving refrigeration installations.

Hot water reclaim

Energy Saving at its best.

A Hot Water Reclaim system with a 62Kw Heat Pump providing backup for two,1500 litre Hot Water Boilers positioned on either side. Additional to this the Refrigeration System provides “FREE” heat energy that is captured from the main plant to generate hot water all year round.

Our success over the years is largely due to the high level of commercial refrigeration expertise in our organization backed up by a highly a dedicated refrigeration maintenance services division supported by contactable management and results inspired, qualified and dedicated staff.

When you choose a Matador Refrigeration product or service solution, you are establishing a relationship based on procuring the highest standards in technology and engineering in the market, custom designed to suit your individual needs.

Matador provides commercial refrigeration solutions and industrial refrigeration plant to the hospitality and retail industry.

Our refrigeration installation, engineering and maintenance services provide you, our client, with the very best in:

Refrigeration plant

Blast chillers (blast freezers)

Cold storage facilities and walk-in cold rooms

Biltong dryers

Hot water reclaim systems

Refrigeration control systems

Commercial refrigeration compressors

Multi-compressor refrigeration systems


''Green'' refrigeration systems

Any other specialized refrigeration requirements


innovation in refrigeration systems is essential to our reputation in the industry and vital to us forging sustainable business relationships with existing and future customers, enabling us to better serve our clients needs.

CO2 Subcritical Cascade Multiplex System

CO2 Subcritical Cascade Multiplex System for low temperature applications. One of the various solutions Matador Refrigeration offers our valued customers. With CO2 being a natural refrigerant this option is environmentally friendly and also provides excellent Energy Savings.

Matador Refrigeration has a proud and proven track record built up during 50 years of supplying some of South Africa’s most successful FMCG businesses with their refrigeration engineering, refrigeration installation and refrigeration maintenance services.

These services include solutions for:

Food and beverage industry cold rooms (walk-in freezers)

Convenience store refrigeration systems

Hotels, casinos and catering facilities

Restaurants and bars

Anywhere that a large scale refrigeration system is needed.