Matador provides refrigeration installation solutions to the commercial refrigeration market. Our commercial and industrial refrigeration expertise lies specifically within the hospitality, process and retail industries. 

Refrigeration Installation

​Please view our short Refrigeration Installation services video below. You can read the text version below the video. For further information or to arrange a consultation, please click the "Request Consultation" tab at the bottom of the page.

Matador Refrigeration's installation department consists of 15 teams, headed up by our Operations Director and two Managers who facilitate the successful completion of all your requirements.

This department, with the interaction of the Engineering Department and Operations Department, ensures that Matador Refrigeration is able to offer you the very best in commercial refrigeration installation services.

We commission and install refrigeration plant systems throughout South Africa, and recently, into greater Africa too.

State-of-the-art commercial and industrial refrigeration plant installations are our specialty.

Our refrigeration installation services include:

  • Refrigeration plant
  • Blast chillers (blast freezers)
  • Cold storage facilities (walk-in cold rooms)
  • Refrigeration control systems
  • Commercial refrigeration compressors
  • Multi-compressor refrigeration systems
  • Condensate recovery (On request)
  • ''Green'' refrigeration systems (we are pioneers and innovators of environmentally friendly refrigeration systems for retailers in South Africa, learning from the best in the world and adapting their technologies to the African market for optimal results)

Correct installation of these systems is imperitive to effective and cost-efficient store operation, taking into account all possible variables affecting efficiency in the total refrigeration system.


Key elements in an efficient refrigeration plant:

  • Minimising cooling loads.
  • Maximising system efficiency at the prevalent load and ambient temperature.
  • Optimising running conditions.
  • Selecting and matching refrigeration system components for efficient operation. This includes the refrigerant.
  • Providing sufficient control and monitoring equipment with easy access.
  • Installing and commissioning the refrigeration plant properly.
  • Using heat recovery, free cooling and thermal storage opportunities where appropriate
  • Energy impact of system

Correct, timely and efficient installation of refrigeration systems will have a positive, ongoing effect on store operation, keeping maintenance easy and product at correct temperatures for long shelf-life.

By planning and conducting the installation with Matador's experience, your system will operate at it's highest and best for the environment it is situated in.

Care should be taken in the following areas:

  • Pipework connecting all the main components is properly sized, routed and insulated to minimise pressure drops, prevent liquid locking, reduce heat loss and ensure a long plant life.
  • Pressure and leak testing is carried out properly.
  • The refrigeration system is properly evacuated to remove air and moisture, prior to charging with refrigerant
  • The correct charge of refrigerant is introduced


Let's Talk Refrigeration

Arrange a telephonic consultation or an on-site visit with one of our professional refrigeration engineers.

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