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Product Portfolio

Our systems are designed from first principle engineering methods with energy efficiency as the main driver.

The Matador portfolio covers the full range of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) requirements.

The benefits of CO2

  • Future-proof solution
  • No global warming impact
  • No ozone depletion potential
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Less expensive than Freons (the gasses commonly used in refrigeration systems)
  • No phase-out regulation (Freons are being phased out in line with global regulations)
  • Stable performance with high heat rejection and no temperature glide
  • Good thermodynamic properties, making it up to 10% more efficient
  • High volume efficiency, so smaller components are required
The benefits of CO2
Matador Refrigeration

Product Portfolio

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Product Portfolio
CO2 Plant Racks Matador Refrigeration

CO2 Refrigeration Systems

• Systems fitted with heat reclaim to replenish any electrical heating
• State-of-the-art control systems
• Combined low and medium temperature solutions

Energy-Efficient Freon Refrigeration Systems

• Freon Heat Pumps
• Thermal solar properties
• Client-driven solutions
• Installation included

CO2 Chillers

• Direct expansion for small applications
• Rack type system for large chilled water needs
• 10 – 1 000kW units

Condensing Units

• Single compressor units for small room installations

Ducting Solutions

• HVAC solutions provided


• Engineering consultation
• Design focussed on fulfilling clients’ every need

State Of The Art Refrigeration Racks

State of the art Refrigeration Racks are now in production at our Midrand manufacturing facility with the capability of offering HFC, CO2 Subcritical, and CO2 Transcritical solutions to the industry.

All systems are manufactured to client specifications with the latest technology for energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions. All solutions can be supplied nationally & internationally and are SADAC approved.

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